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Like most Russian girls I dreamed of becoming a ballerina or a gymnast, but due to heart complications, I was denied this opportunity and therefore, begrudgingly, Russian folk dancing became my only choice.  Finally, at the age of twelve, the doctor's gave me the all clear which meant I was able to pursue my ambition in competitive Ballroom dancing. This choice sealed my path and made me who I am today.

I had a very successful dance career until I came to London. Struggling to earn a living, made it impossible for me to finance my competitive dancing. Consequently, I took my first steps into securing myself in a suitable career and my passion for dance was long forgotten. I then found my long lost love for dance in Salsa and before I knew it, I was right in the middle of my dream world again. I travelled the World learning about all the different styles of Latin dance in the countries of their origin as well as teaching and performing at World Salsa events. I absorbed the diversity, the colours, the energy and the life of the dance.

My creativity did not stop there. The aspiration to design the perfect Cinderella shoe for every woman so she can feel like the one and only princess of the Ball had started to emerge. 

Having worked for a leading shoe industry for 10 years, learning the trade of fitting babies with their first shoes to making that special order for an international celebrity or a member of the international Royal Family, it only seemed a natural progression for me to combine these two great attributes together; a passion for dance and the knowledge and experience in the shoe manufacturing trade to bring to the world my very own dance shoes company.


Welcome to Dance Shoes International!